Canfield MTN - White Coffee
Canfield MTN - White Coffee
Canfield MTN - White Coffee
Canfield MTN - White Coffee

Canfield MTN - White Coffee

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White coffee is the perfect choice for someone who wants caffeine, but doesn't care for the roasted flavor of coffee. Our white coffee is very lightly roasted, leaving the most amount of caffeine in the bean intact. As an espresso shot, white coffee can be pulled twice from the same scoop of grounds. The first pull of coffee has very strong notes of grass and hay. The second pull has peanut butter and pine nut flavors.

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Cultivating With Integrity

Our coffee buyers work tirelessly with a network of reputable farmers to ensure our beans are cultivated with integrity. From the farm, coffee arrives at our roasting facility in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho where coffee professionals cup, grade, and package our single origins and blends.

A Difference made fresh

Experience the Terre Difference

Our coffee beans are roasted to perfection and brewed with precision. We know that the perfect cup of coffee is an art form, and we're dedicated to perfecting it. We believe every cup should burst with flavor, revealing the colorful spectrum of delicious notes that only comes the freshest coffee.

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